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Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - Third Consecutive Year

People AIDS AID RunPeople Against AIDS Run
On Sunday January 15, 2006 the People Group participated in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon for the third consecutive year
in a very unique way. The uniqueness was that for most participants,
it was a day's run. But at People Group, it's just another day in a
marathon 31 days of AIDS relief work, a collective effort of 300 employees.
The People Marathon:
As the first step, People Group tied up with 3 leading organisations, doing extensive work in areas related to AIDS research, control, awareness and relief.

  ARCON - AIDS Research & Control Centre is an autonomous body of the Govt of
    Maharashtra in collaboration with University of Texas, Houston.

  MDACS - Mumbai Districts AIDS Control Society was set up in July 1998 for
    implementing the National AIDS Control Program in Mumbai.

  CCDT - Committed Communities Development Trust is registered under the
    Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950, and works with vulnerable communities.

People Against AIDS Run
Mr. Anupam Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director, People Group, says, "AIDS has been a pandemic upon humanity that has already claimed lives of more than 23 million men, women and children worldwide. It deprives people of their dignity, families, society and livelihood. It is a devastating disease that affects human beings irrespective of their age, gender, race, religion and nationality. While there is presently no cure for the AIDS virus, People Group has taken the opportunity of the Mumbai Marathon to help prevent it through education, awareness and precautionary methods."

Fund-raising ... and fun
To kick-off the fund raising initiative, the People Group employees coined the term PAAR Fund (People Against AIDS Run Fund). The fund had several sources towards its corpus:

  • Voluntary contributions � People donated any amounts ranging from Rs.1 to 1 day's salary. PAAR Fund donation boxes were placed at various places in the office, where employees put in even small amounts, proceeds from sale of old newspapers, etc. The amounts raised go to ARCON and CCDT.

  • Fun Fridays for a serious cause � On each of the 4 Fridays in January, groups of employees organise lunch for the entire staff. The amount raised has been earmarked for ARCON.

    Sale of products � During January, People offices also display and sell handicrafts and other articles sourced from CCDT and NGOs association with MDACS.

  • Housie � A housie game too has been planned, the proceeds of which will add to the PAAR Fund.


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