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Sure about your life partner... Are you sure about Thalassemia?

About to get married?
Get yourself and your partner tested for ThalassemiaGet yourself and your partner tested for Thalassemia

India has an estimated 4 crore thalassemic carriers, translating to 1 in every
        25 Indians

An estimated 10,000 children are born with Thalassemia every year

About 80-90% of these Thalassemic infants die either undiagnosed or because
        of lack of proper treatment

Matching horoscopes is a common feature of all wedding preparations to see whether
there are any obstacles for a successful married life. However, if we consider checking
blood just as importantly, we will go a long way in preventing obstacles like
Thalassemia. has joined hands with The Foundation for Blood Ailments (FBA) to
create awareness about Thalassemia, and help prevent it, since there is no real cure
for this ailment. FBA is an organization dedicated to fighting blood disorders through
the dissemination of knowledge.

What is Thalassemia?

Thalassemia is a genetic defect that affects the haemoglobin in the red blood cells
of the body. In healthy individuals, haemoglobin carries oxygen to the various
organs and parts of the body, allowing them to breathe. However, in the case of a
Thalassemic person, the haemoglobin is incapable of fulfilling its function, leading
to a short-life span of the red blood cell.

There are three main types of Thalassemia - Minor, Intermedia & Major. Thalassemia
Minor is not apparently visible - and for a child to be a Thalassemia Major, both
parents have to necessarily be Thalassemia Minors.

A Thalassemia Major is born when BOTH the parents are Thalassemia Minors.
Thalassemia cannot be contracted in any other way, not through - food, water,
contact, etc.

Why is it a cause of concern?

  • In Thalassemia Major individuals, the destruction of haemoglobin outpaces its production, leading to severe anaemia
  • Deposition of iron in the organs causes paleness, retarded growth, and enlargement
    of liver, spleen and heart leading to death between one to five years of age
  • Only solution is repeated blood transfusions every two to four weeks
  • Treatment costs are extremely high, with transfusions costing up to Rs 15,000 per
    month, and Chelation injections costing approximately Rs 2 lakh per year.

How is a child born with Thalassemia Major?

This is completely dependent on the Thalassemic condition of the parents.

Mother - Father Normal
Minor Children
Major Children
Normal 100%
Either Mother or
Father - one is a
Thalassemia Minor
Both Mother and Father
are Thalassemia Minors

How can you avoid having a baby with Thalassemia Major?

Follow a simple two-step process:
Get yourself and your partner tested for Thalassemia
If both, you and your partner, are Thalassemia Minors, consult your doctor before planning a pregnancy

Thalassemia is a preventable disease. Once, you are aware of your Thalassemia status, preventing a Thalassemia Major child is then entirely in your hands


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