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Gurvinder Kaur & Sunjit Singh
23 May 2015
One day I was very much tired after 10 hours long working hours,when I came back home and I have got a call from the representative from she started explaining the details of being member of I thought lets try may be I can get my soul-mate also exploring some matrimonial website after a hectic day in office? ;) I become member of and on very next day. I saw one profile with the picture of some one sitting in gym suit. I though how can some one post the picture in gym suit on matrimonial website? than I opened his profile and express the interest on his profile Very next morning I have got his acceptance on my page. You guys will be surprised to know that was my last day on website :) soon they planed and came to India and we got married:) he is my best friend,my life, my world.Thank you so much and team, you guys are the medium of so many Success Stories.