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Ravi & Raina
22 February 2018
Well Raina's was one of million profiles I stumbled upon. (Thank God I did) Once we liked each other profile, my sister called her mom and we met after a couple of weeks. So there is a fun story about our first meeting. I met a major accident on the morning of meeting day and luckily I survived. I didn't want to go for the meeting. But my sister insisted to meet and we planned to meet at a restaurant. Now Raina on the other hand, also didn't want to come for the meeting and she had already made up her mind to reject me (Yeah, reject me :P) THE MEETING DAY ---------------------------- Casting - Ravi, Ravi's sister and her Husband, Ravi's Niece, Raina, Raina's Mom Location - Public Place, Restaurant Director - Camera Rolls - Raina and her mom has already reached the restaurant. Ravi and his family members enters the restaurant and Ravi immediately recognizes the Raina. She was sitting all confident wearing a sweet smile. Ravi was a little nervous for initial moments. After a initial few minutes, Ravi and Raina were told to sit aside alone and take the decision of their life in few moments. (Although we took our own time to know each other and then decide :) ) Surprisingly, we hit off from the very first moment. We talked with each other like when the old college friends meet after long. It didn't feel like we are meeting for the first time. We discussed almost everything in first meeting. We sat for like an hour until my niece came and said 'mamu chalen ab' :D We both left with a positive happy feeling and a realization that we have found each other :) Were we fortunate? I don't know but we would like to believe we were bound to happen and we are so happy we met. A heartiest thanks to I had my fears before joining the online matrimony but I am so glad now I did.