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Rahul & Akansha
19 December 2018
Hayee Saraft Its a love story which began as typical arrange marriage . Groom Rahul Dubey (Me) Bride Akansha Chaubey Akansha's brother called me after checking my profile on He asked for few more pictures, he inquired about me and my family and then after few days her father came to my place and after all these. Both the families decided to meet along with me and my wife Akansha (who was just a girl for me at that time) in Patna at patliputra excotica hotel room on 27th Aug 2018, where she came along with her brother sisters mother father and brother in law. She entered along with her sisters and mother, wearing a nevy blue colour suit quit nervous and confident at same time and on the other side i was sitting along with my father mother wearing a cream colour shirt and Black trousers quite nervous and worried. And THE MEETING started where our families were friendly and two of us were sitting quitly and smiling and extremely nervous. And , then after some conv. we were left alone to talk and know each other in just 5 to 10 min. its hilarious. She started the conversation as I was very nervous and was literary sweating while sitting in an AC room at 16 degree temperature. We both introduced ourselves and shared all the important thing which we should know about each other in just 6 to 7 min. And, then suddenly the door bell rang to interrupt our flawless conversation and her both the sisters were standing with a question "YES OR NO" and I don't know why but just after few min. I said yes and she too, still I think how we took such a strong decision in just few sec. And then everyone were happy and we two were happy cause our families were happy and then we had our lunch together and clicked few pictures and then all of us bid goodbye and planned to meet at night for dinne. At 8 O' clock we all met again at the hotel and move to the restaurant in PNM top floor "17 Degrees" and there after reaching the restaurant we all sat together on family table. She went outside for a while and when she came back her mother asked her to sit just on the chair kept just on the otherside of the table in front of me and from that moment till we had our dinner I gazed her. I she too was having an eye on me but nobody noticed but whenever I was looking her her elder sister caught me every time. I had planned to gift her a chocolate box in the morning which evently detailed because of my shiness. After dinner we all were set to go back to our home then her elder sister left us alone for 5 mins to talk when we shared our no. Then after coming to ground floor i took a Selfy along with her and everyone clicked pic. And at the end I gifted her the chocolate box which I have bought from kolkata then we sat in our cars and move towards Patliputra exotica after reaching there we all bid goodbye to each other. Approx 11:30 I texted her for the first time and we started chatting and we were very friendly to each other and welcoming too we both welcomed to each others to our life with open arms. For the first time I asked any one to wake me up early morning for my train. And. She said yes . Next morning she called me to wake up. And I dedicated the very first song to her "o' meri Laila " . And, our journey started, very soon we became close to each other and we were in love . We don't know when two of us become We. This" I "to " we" transformation was quick lovely and awesome. We both were very happy and we started waiting for the day when our parents will meet to fix the date of our marriage . By the time we both were deeply madly completely in love and it was no more an arrange marriage, and when anybody comes to know that I am getting married or from her side that she is getting married everyone thought it's a love marriage because of the level of happiness curiosity excitement and love we were having. And ,16 September was the day when her father along with her brother in law and few others came to my place and that was my younger sister's birthday and the date hot fixed 10th Dec. For engagement (Ring Ceremony) and 13 Feb for marriage although we wanted it to be 14th Feb still its managed because our wedding will start at 12o clock. We two were very excited. Now, she started counting the days for our engagement and me too but not showing it the way see did . Each day was like a month for us. Most unusual things was that after 27 Aug. we have not met for once even still we had lots of feelings for each other, it's only because we both were true, clear and as an open book in front of each other , we are alike our thoughts matchs a lot, e handle the situation in very similar way , we never force each other for anything, most importantly we don't have any unacceptable demands or expectations from each other. We share all our problems, we are real in front of one another. A day I had a conversation with my father and I came to know that few things related to our marriage is not clear from our family side. Although it's arrange marriage still we were worried that every thing will be managed or something will go wrong. I shared it to her and we both were completely tensed and worried only because we seriously don't want to lose each other at any point. And, after that we set and next morning I saw her texted where we wrote "if they drop this marriage we will run away, marry in a temple and will return and stand in front of them for there grace." Days past we fought, loved, missed and waited eagerly to meet each other. As the say came near only 2 or 3 days before ring ceremony we both started thinking that is it too early? , we have taken the right decision? , we should rethink?, we should take more time?, how we will react? , too many questions stated striking to our minds. Then, we both had along discussion on this and we felt no it's the best decision we both have taken. We planned alot for our ring ceremony and pre-wedding photo shoot . We planned for cake but at last it was cancelled because our parents said new things will not be doneand the plan was dropped. After so many changes ups and downs the days passed. Most awaited road trip of her life started at 9 pm on 9/12/18 from her home to the city of joy kolkata at OYO 16394 Prantik guest house. She reached there at 11:25am and we both were very excited, we both were going to meet for the first time after we started loving each other. At 6:30 pm I reached to the venue wearing a bevy blue checks suit with white shirt and black shoes she was upstairs in her room ,ready to meet me, I texted her , after 15 to 20 mins I got a gift from her cousin brother it's was a pink hanky for my coat and a silver rose brooch with a pearl in center. And, texted me to wear that. I immediately wore it and sent a pic. To her. Then the ceremony ( Cheka) started were the pundit ji chanted few mantrans and her brother gifted me few things. After my ceremony, she was called and she entered to the hall along with all her brothers and sisters wearing a pink lehanga and yellow blouse. She was looking ..........................I was so happy to see her . Her ceremony started my father sat in front of her and gifted her few things. After the ceremony, we asked to stand on the stage, were I complemented her that she is looking beautiful and sexy. Both of us were very happy, and eventually everyone stared clicking pics along with us and for that we all were gathered there for ring ceremony then one of our relatives asked other to wait and let us start the ring ceremony, we exchanged our rings and just after thst She sat on her knees and proposed me "I love You please marry me" I was very happy. And then she took me forward where everybody was standing and a big cake was kept with our pictures on it . ,,,We got two separate knife for cake cutting but she snatched on one from my hand kept it aside and then we cut the cake. And, we were engaged. Then, we sent to the room where see was staying, there we hugged each other for the first time, we clicked few pictures and had our dinner together for the first time. Then, we were called back to the hall. And after few hours the party was over and see went back to her room and I was chatting with her sitting down stairs. Next morning 11/12/18 she woke me up early morning at 6:30 am I reached to the hotel were she was waiting for me full dressed up in white and black checked little dress. We have to go for our photoshoot. I called her to come down stairs but she called me in her room to take her and her luggage. She was l................. . We move down stairs where my car was waiting and we moved towards eco park. He was sitting next to me in my arms, we both were loving the moment . Approx for 4 to 5 hrs we had our photoshoot. Where we gathered lot of romantic memories. By 1 pm we chaged and moved to a restaurant for lunch we ate biryani cause it's her favorite and she ate that in her typical bihari style. She sat with folded legs kept the spoon aside mixed riata with biryani and started eating. After that we went back to the car , she hugged me till until we reached back to hotel. I dropped her to her room met her elder brother and sister and planned to meet at 7 pm along with my elder sister, brother in law and one of my uncle. At 7:45pm we all met near a tea stall, we drank tea and all the 5 boys sat in one car and all the girls sat in the other one and both went for shopping in two different directions. I along with her brother ,brother in law, my brother in law and uncle move for my shopping and she with jet's and mine elder sister went for her shopping after 2 to 3hrs again we met at a restaurant for dinner. After dinner we bid goodbye that was the last meeting before our marriage, and a sad moment. We clicked a family picture and moved to our cars. I planned to go to the hotel where she was staying to meet her for the last time to see my girl. And I managed to go there for bill payment although I would have done it online but I forced my sister and brother in law to Pay cash only because I have to meet her once before she was going. Last meeting, I reached upstairs called her in the corridor out of her room she came there and hugged me and said that she don't want to go back and don't want to stay away from me. I was scared that her brother or sister don't see us . And, that was our last meeting next morning at 4 am she left kolkata. Now, we two are waiting for our wedding. Thank you Shadi. Com for helping me to find my soul mate, life partner , best friend. Thank you so much. Thank's for creating Rahansha . lots of love Rahansha