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Pragati & Rahul
29 August 2019
Our story started on 2nd June 2019. After going through lots of profile, I came across her profile (Pragati Usually I use to call her as Wifey). When I have gone through her profile there is only 1 pic uploaded of her and that's one is also a snapchat pic, but still I have some feelings in my heart that she may be my better half, and may my search stop here. So, before spending any moment I just send the request to her. After 2 days when I received an email from that Pragati have accepted your request at the same time I just logged on and taken her number to call. On the same day, I called her, but she didn't pick the call maybe she was shy at that time. So, her mother took the call. After the call I actually got the pic and some details of her on What’s App and I really felt that She is the 1 so, just after seeing her pic I made my decision that I will only marry this girl in any circumstances and you can also call as love at first sight that we both have experienced. But every story has some complications, and, in our case, it’s now taken place. When our Kundali's got matched it's totally going in opposite directions nothing is in our favour. But I have already made my decision. So, I told to my brother’s and Mom for the same that keep Kundali in side and let’s start with it. But still Mom have some doubt in her mind. She discussed with 1 more pandit and he told that if they have different blood group then you can go forward and when I came to know this, I was happy with it because I thought now something is happening in our favour as I have Blood group A+ and she has O+. Then we started talking and after few days of chatting and call I came to know that the date that she has shared is wrong and then I got the new DOB of her and now everything becomes sorted with the correct DOB. We got 23.5 Gun matched and all is fine now. After passing all these we get to know more each other, and we met on 23rd July 2019 for the first time. We both are somewhat nervous but as our parents told us to go somewhere and talk in alone, we both are then feel relaxed and enjoyed the time that we spent together. And just after 3 days we got engaged on 27th of July 2019 and now waiting for the moment to get married. This is our story that we are sharing through because has played the vital role for finding me the right partner for me and vice versa. Thanx