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Rafat & Taufiq
04 August 2020
Thank you so much our Dear MATCH MAKER SHAADI.COM for bringing us together"Beyond that silver lining of clouds, that twinkling of million stars, Beyond that golden warm sun, There is someone who answers our prayers......"Though we both strongly believe that BIRTH, MARRIAGE and DEATH are pre-estined, there is always a medium which helps us to reach out to the right person at the right time. For us it turned out to be So once again we take this opportunity to THANK YOU all at for making us the happy couple that we are today.We both are grateful to our families who registered us both at and blessed us in our marriage, owing which we are happy today and would always be with each other.We both had our nicest possible snaps posted in is to create good impression on our proposed partners but it turned out that for us our friendship, trust and understanding helped us bond together even when we were physically so far across in different continents and had never seen or met each other physically and when we finally met after many months, it was like meeting a very close old friend after many years. It was a dream come True for both of us to have found a friend, lover, spouse, guide, student in each other who could love and groom each other to make this journey of life enjoyable and peaceful one. Disha's profile said that she is extremely understanding and is an ideal blend of modernity with family values like respect for elders and blessed with a caring nature, my profile said I was simple, honest and responsible. We discovered these about each other with time and we love each other now for the person we both are and we are inseparable now realizing each other's worth and importance in our lives.Marriage is about picking a good heart with a sensible head which can help and most importantly grow the love, friendship and trust with time between a couple and we realize with every breath we take, and every day, month that goes by that we both are immensely lucky to have found each other and we would grow old in each other's loving company.Last but not least we are grateful to our families who loves and cares for us both as their own inseparable being, we maybe staying miles away from each other but our hearts and well wishes are with each one of us and we know we all would stand together on a rainy day.Meet us Ten years later and we would write you a lovelier experience of our cherished moments which would make you want to eat the Shaadi ka laddu. Who knows might bring your laddu, the path doesn't matter it is the journey and the company that you get which matters in the end! With best wishes for you all, Married 23rd September 2018.