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Aditi & Parth
10 February 2021
We matched on and we exchanged our numbers.It would be hard to believe that our first conversation was 6 hours long.We talked about everything.We even talked about our weird experiences with other matches😅I felt a connection with Parth from our very first conversation.Next day i sent his biodata to my parents,it was a total NO from my mom’s side because she was like we dont know anyone from Surat (Parth is from Surat) and also Parth lives in Ireland so we dont want you to go away so far from us. So i told Parth that we cant take things further.But all this while we were talking over calls and messages. We used to say ok we will talk for a while then we will say bye and every time it turned out that our “while” was atleast 2 hours long. Parth’s mama is from Indore so he had asked me to give my indore’s family details to him.Call it destiny,it turned out that my mama and his mama are childhood friends,even his mama knew my bhua’s family. So after knowing this thing my mom and dad were ready to meet his family. So we decided to go to Surat and meet him and his family. I was so so nervous. When i went to meet his family, i was avoiding looking at him on purpose. I was just looking at the floor.My friends know me as an extrovert person, even i didn't expect myself to behave in such a shy way😅 Our families met eachother’s family like they already were family friends. Parth and I went to a cafe to talk and i dont know when 2 hours flew away just like that.It was a yes from his and my side but as it was an arranged thing our Parents had say in it.We were waiting for what they think.So when we left Surat my parents said that they really like the guy and his family and the same thing was from Parth’s family. It was “Arranged at first sight” for our parents.So it was decided that they will come to my hometown after 2 days,and our Roka was done.From a Tuesday where it was a No to literally next Tuesday when we got official.That one week was a hell of a roller coaster ride for both of us.His family and my family thought that we already knew eachother from before,even his friends and my friends were not willing to believe that its arranged. To be honest,to me and Parth it didn't feel arranged. Parth was flying back to Ireland after 3 days so i went to Mumbai to surprise him.I feel like i was secretly in love with him all along but i realised it when he was leaving.My heart felt heavy,it broke a little when i saw him leaving.Its going to be a long distance between us for sometime but i know that we will get through it all fine,everything seems to be so easy when we are together. I had read somewhere that when you meet the right person you feel a sense of calm and it was exactly like that whenever Parth was around.I never used to believe in destiny untill i met him.I had given up the hopes that i am ever going to meet someone who will understand the way i think but I crossed paths with Parth when i was least expecting things to happen.I used to think that my life will change 180 degrees after i get engaged but i didnt feel that way at all.His family was so welcoming and friendly that i didnt even feel like a daughter in law,I felt like i am their daughter.There was no pressure of impressing them.I feel the same way with them like i feel with my family.I feel so lucky to have Parth and his family in my life.Thanks to For all the people out there who have given up the hopes on arrange marriage, just hold a little longer and your perfect match will find you like i did.❤️