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Harpreet & Gurvinder
25 September 2012
?At the right time, when we are ready and want something the Universe sends what we want our way and we just need to be ready and open to accept it!? This saying captures in essence how we feel about the circumstance which brought us together at this particular period in time. Who knew that a matrimonial site would allow two individuals from across oceans to connect and embark on an exciting and wonderful journey together. About two years ago, we made first contact through I, Gurvinder, expressed interest in my wife, Harpreet's profile and the rest was history. Following the initial contact, our father's spoke to each-other, and were very much satisfied according to their screening criteria. We then took full advantage of e-communication to get to know one another and after months of this, we finally met. Oddly enough, the natural connection and attraction that we had amongst us was there even before we ever met in person. Despite the physical distance and time difference between us, we were able to explore each others personalities, strengths, weaknesses, desires, beliefs and ambitions over several months which culminated in our engagement and ultimately our marriage. We are very thankful for for making it possible for us to find one another.