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Prince & Achala
30 May 2018
Its soo exciting to share my lovely story. Once again I am feeling those lovely moments of my marriage during writing about arrange cum love marriage through That day was so lucky for me when I saw msg from her & replied her. My first talk was with her lovely brother Ajay. So nice he is in nature & so friendly to me to know each other. After sharing information to each other and once we feel satisfaction I got chance to talk to Achala , we started our first talk via whatsapp I sent message to her, she received & replied. After sometime she called me on my phone, When we talked first over call, we both felt like we already know each other from long time. Just like two Rivers entering in ocean to become one, and we both entered in ocean of love. I never thought my loving partner will be far from Canada. But when right time comes God takes commands, connecting starts and bring your loving partner in front of you. I am so lucky to have so lovely life partner Achala and also so nice family too. Day by day we were getting close to each other by video calls. When our family talked they fixed our marriage dats on 19/02/18. She came to me at punjab (India) some days before of our marriage My family & her family were ready to meet face to face. That day my heart beat was up where My eyes were so excited to see her first time in front of me as she was excited too. Finally we met at resturant at ludhiana I bring lovely rose & chocolate to greet her and show my excitement. When I entered in restaurant my love (Achala) was in front of me with large bouque of lovely red roses. She was shy & smiling. We exchange our roses , I specially bow down to my knees to propose her. All my & her family members were so happy & they captured those lovely moments in pictures from their cell phones. So many things I love to share, I can spend day and night to write down about my loving partner Achala, because she is so sweet, cute, intelligent and innocent. I lucky thats shes in my life. With love I call her with short name I chose for her as "Achhu", "Guddo" & many others. She is really so nice & words are very less to cover her infinite qualities. I don't want to make our success story too long, but I first thanks to GOD for meeting us & second thanks to our parents without their blessing all this was not possible & third last and big thanks to , because of them we met. Thanks everyone for taking time to read my story I wish for those who are searching their life partners. I wish that they will get their life partner soon in their life. God bless all.